The beanstalk is a book preparation series of articles and blogs to help new authors get their book ready for publishing.

2nimble is proud to present the Beanstalk Content Series!

Why a beanstalk?

Whether you’re publishing your first book, or you’re an experienced author, getting your book to market can feel like walking amongst giants. Our Beanstalk was created specifically to grow with you, higher and higher, to help you climb to the land of the giants and back safely with your golden egg.

A woman sitting in front of a computer, talking on the phone, and writing in a notebook.

Improve Your Writing by Accepting Criticism

One of the hardest parts of being a writer is accepting that to make your book the best it’s going to be, you need other people to tell you what needs fixing. It can be hard to handle the critiques, so here are a few ways to help ease that process.
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Why Should I Self-Publish First?

When it comes to publishing, you have two choices: find a traditional publisher who will produce the book for you, or self-publish and pay to produce the book yourself. Here the reasons that self-publishing can be a great choice for your first book.
A top-down view of a laptop, journal, phone and pen on a desk.

How to Make a Writing Resolution You Can Keep

Picking a New Year’s resolution is rarely difficult for writers. Who doesn’t want to get more writing done this year? But keeping it is another thing altogether, and the trick is setting your goal in a way that helps you get it done.
A smartphone displaying the icons for several social media apps

Choosing a Social Media Platform

Finding a balance between your personal voice and marketing goals on social media is a lot easier than it appears. With the vast differences between the major platforms, it’s more about finding the one that suits your communication style.

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