Keanu Razonable

Keanu Razonable is a co-owner and the VP of sales for 2Nimble, Inc. 

Keanu is responsible for leading the efforts to create partnerships with organizations in the publishing industry. He helps 2Nimble client partners increase their success by introducing efficient commercial publishing services and management technology solutions. 

Prior to joining 2Nimble, Keanu spent 20 plus years in the digital printing industry where he worked with organizations in the publishing supply chain. He used his expertise in digital printing to help these organizations utilize print technologies and work flows to operate more efficiently. 

Continuing his dedication to making a positive change in the publishing industry, Keanu shows organizations how to leverage 2Nimble services and technology to grow their business and make life easier. 

Originally from California, Keanu grew up in rural Oklahoma and now lives in the Santa Cruz mountains with his daughter. They enjoy all things ocean and redwoods including outings together where they reside in beautiful Northern California. Keanu loves nature, nutrition, fitness and being an entrepreneur. 

To learn more about Keanu feel free to visit and follow him on LinkedIn.