Manuscript Evaluation

An editor will review manuscripts with a focus on concepts, flow, content, target audience, age range target, and general spelling & grammar consistency. A summary with suggestions for any further editing needed will be provided once complete.

Turnaround Time: 8 business days


Applying Chicago Manual of Style, an editor will check manuscripts for basic errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntax. The editor will not make structural suggestions and will not check for phrases or word order that could cause a reader confusion. This is our most basic level of editing, and is recommended for those that just need one more check before going to print and distribution.

Turnaround Time: 15 business days

Mechanical Copyediting

Applying Chicago Manual of Style, an editor will check manuscripts with a focus on technically correct grammar, punctuation and consistency. The editor will suggest basic changes to improve the technical quality of the writing, i.e. subject-verb agreement, pronouns and antecedent, correct prepositions, correct use of semicolons, colons, removing comma splices etc.

Turnaround Time: 15 business days

Substantive Mechanical Copyediting

Everything included in Mechanical Editing plus grammar checked with an eye to increasing the aesthetic quality and readability of the text, which includes making good stylistic (idiomatic) corrections and choices, rather than simply checking that the text is ‘technically’ correct.

Turnaround Time: 15 business days

Complex Content Editing

All the above in Substantive Mechanical Editing plus:

  • Rewriting of text to incorporate a good style of writing using coherence, logic, and organization.
  • Redundancies in text should be deleted (i.e., repetitions).
  • Inconsistencies in the text should be harmonized (i.e., usage, data, character or location descriptions).
  • Eliminate the use of passive voice in text.
  • Where necessary, check that good examples are included in the text.
  • Review formatting of text; if necessary change the formatting to present the content in a more user-friendly manner (i.e., if a table or list should be used instead of a paragraph).
  • One scheduled conference call with the author and the editor to discuss the changes made.

Turnaround Time: Quote: 5 business days | Project: 25 business days