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Editing Check $30.00
Manuscript Evaluation $0.50/page
Developmental Editing $5.04/page
Proofreading $3.50/page
Copyediting $7.28/page
Line Editing $11.20/page
1 “page” = 280 words
Formatting   eBooks  
Basic $1.20/page Basic $0.70/page
Medium $1.40/page Medium $0.98/page
Complex Quote Complex Quote
    Fixed-format Quote
1 “page” = 280 words
Should your book be less than 17,500 words, a base price will be charged for typesetting and eBook conversion.
Cover Design  
Basic $299.00
Premium $399.00
Indexing   Revisions  
Basic $0.40/keyword Image Maintenance $10.00
Advanced $0.60/keyword In-production $0.50/revision
Concept Quote Post-production: 1 format $0.40/revision
    Post-production: 2 formats $0.60/revision
    Preflight $75.00/PDF
Website Design   Illustration  
Basic Website Design $399.00 Basic Illustration $75.00
Premium Website Design $15.00/hour Deluxe Illustration $95.00
General Graphic Design $15.00/hour Premium Illustration $145.00
3 Years Worldwide: P.O.D. print and eBook $239.99
3 Years Worldwide: P.O.D. print only $214.99
3 Years Worldwide: eBook only $179.99
Yearly Distribution Renewal: Two formats $64.99
Yearly Distribution Renewal: One format $49.99
Custom imprint setup for P.O.D. and/or eBook Quote
Yearly distribution renewal fees are auto-charged, starting at the 4th year of distribution until you retire your publication.