Whether you need a quick proofread or a complete, in-depth overhaul of a partially finished manuscript, our editors can help make your manuscript the best it can be. All of our editors are based in the United States and use the Chicago Manual of Style, as is standard for publishing.


Typesetting, now known as formatting, has entered the digital age. Our skilled formatting team utilizes the most recent technology to ensure each book is free of preflight errors, and the final product exceeds industry standards.

Cover Design

From a quick free template that’s sure to work with your formatted book interior, to full multiple-version designs, we have the cover solution that your book needs.


eBook standards change rapidly as the publishing industry continues its move into the 21st century. Our systems and skilled professionals take the guesswork out of creating an eBook that looks professional and meets current industry requirements.


We’ll assist you with imprint setup and your own distribution rollout. Making you the true publisher of record. 

Not for you? No problem! We can also provide three years of worldwide distribution for your print, eBooks, or both, first and new editions.

Marketing Design

From website design to graphic design or other marketing needs, we’ll create the perfect copy to help you succeed.

Quick Fixes

Sometimes, you don’t need a full set of services to get your book to the finish line, and we understand that! Our quick fixes are available to ensure even the cleanest book gets the polish it needs.


Quality illustrations, much like formatting, have entered the digital age and finding the right illustrator can be just as difficult as the design itself. Our extended team of freelance illustrators have competencies in various design areas to ensure we get you the right type of illustration with minimal back-and-forth revision work.


Our data entry professionals will use a list of keywords you submit to program an index. Entries will only appear where the keyword is exactly the same as the text in the book.

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