Quality illustrations, much like formatting, have entered the digital age and finding the right illustrator can be just as difficult as the design itself. Our extended team of freelance illustrators have competencies in various design areas to ensure we get you the right type of illustration with minimal back-and-forth revision work. 


One scene of illustration. A more basic, mostly computer-generated image with minimal activity or thematic elements present, or a more involved illustration with a longer wait time for those not in a rush to publish.

Turnaround time: 20-30 business days based on complexity

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One scene of illustration. A more in-depth illustration with detailed lines and shapes. Or, a basic illustration with a shorter wait time for those ready to publish now.

Turnaround time: 10-15 business days based on complexity

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One extremely detailed scene with a mix of computer-generated images, fine lines, high-intensity color detail, intricate thematic elements, etc.

Turnaround time: 20-30 business days based on complexity

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Note: While our illustration services do include specific pricing and turnaround times, both will be evaluated by our production team for complexity and a quote will be provided to you after reviewing the scope of your project with your support agent.

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