Quick Fixes

Sometimes, you don’t need a full set of services to get your book to the finish line, and we understand that! Our quick fixes are available to ensure even the cleanest book gets the polish it needs.


There are several factors to consider when posting a book to print or distribute. At 2Nimble, we have the tools to determine printability quickly and easily, fixing common problems preventing acceptance.

We’ll run your PDF through our preflight workflow, determine errors and execute minor fixes. Should your PDF need more work than a simple preflight, your Publishing Consultant will reach out to you with specifics and additional information.

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Image Enhancement & Adjustment

In order to print properly, all images in your manuscript must adhere to specific resolution and sizing standards. 300 dpi is the ideal resolution for any print book. 2Nimble will enhance your images to the best quality possible, ready to be placed in your manuscript. In addition, we’ll ensure that all of your images are set to the appropriate sizes and include bleed if necessary.

Please note, when enhancing older or extremely small images, the end result could return a grainy or blurry output. Please keep this in mind when submitting your images for enhancement.

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Pre & Post-production Revisions

Things happen. Words get missed, grammar needs updating, images need finessing. No matter what type of revision request you have, we can help. Don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a complete reformatting job when all you have are a few corrections to make!

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